Long time relationship with depression


I have more successful people lately come to me for sessions in order to get even more successful.

They want to work on passing exams, making a great speech, or trying to look better with weight loss.

I have older clients who long time to suffer from depression, teenagers, or people who suffer from eating disorders.

I am working hard to fulfill variety of needs of my clients.


And of course I pay attention to my clients’ safety the best and even I don’t have severely depressed clients lately though I’d pay attention first to their safety.

Especially I am very careful with my clients who are suicidal.  I have not had experience that my clients committed suicide yet though I know a lot of therapists have the experience.


Severly depressed clients come to me normally they already have a psychiatrist and therapist and also tried other hypnotherapists too.

When they didn’t see visible improvements, they looked for alternative choice and come to me.  I am glad that they chose me amongst all other hypnotherapists.


When we get older, we have a chance to review our lives, or review our weight managment, or in the middle of lives, we review our lives.  Anyway time to time, we get opportunities to look for a change.

Even not clearly suicidal though there are people who try to get out of hard situation that they are in and death feels like only way to get out of the hardship sometimes.

Those people wouldn’t kill themselves in a few days though there is always potential to be acutely suicidal at the end and could end up with killing themselves.

That is why we should pay attention to people who joke around death or suicide.  Or people who run into accidents, falls, or risking the lives, those are in psychology called self risking and they wouldn’t mind to risk their safety in some extend.

In their subconcsious, there might be thoughts that they wouldn’t mind whatever would happen to them.  Then they subconsciously get careless walking down in the streets.  It is not coincidence that they run into injury or accidents so often, I say.


One example of self risking behavior is drug overdose.  Drug users are aware of in some levels possible death or serious injury though they have to continue the usage.

A lot of them officially say that a bad outcome would never happen to them though they should be aware of the fatal risk in their subconscious.


Alcoholism is a self risk behavior too.  It takes long time though gradually they are going forward to death because of their lever conditions.  It takes time so we don’t consider the behavior in the way like suicide though it is self risking behavior too.

Suicide and self risking are related each other.  Suicide is ultimate deletion of self.  The thought could begin with ending the suffer in the life.

However when someone thinks that he/she is important, he/she will never eliminate self.  That is why we want to pay attention to a thought of unimportance of self.


You could slow down or take vacation.  I heard that depression will go away without treatment within 2 years 80% of the time.

Would you think that we could leave the depression alone then?  In other words, 20% of them the depression would stay much longer time, right?


That is why I have clients who suffer from depression in their whole life.  Some of people take anti-depressants so long. Depression is so close to us around us in this society.

A lot of my clients tried many kinds of therapies already before coming to me.  Then they say that those therapies had limitations and I agree as a professional and a person.

We go to psychotherapy every week and take anti-depressant long time though depression doesn’t go away.  And I see those people in my clients often times.


I am grateful that hypnotheapy changed my life and feels like a miracle to run into hypnotherapy in my life.

It is my joy when seeing lights in my clients’ eyes who were about to give up on their own happiness.


Yes, hypnotherapy is different from others because it is performed in your subconscious.  Try once then you would know it.

Please don’t give up on your own happiness and fulfillments in your life!


Have a wonderful day!!