Do not seal off the negativity


I have been mentioning getting experience of cultural differences in Skype sessions because my Skype session clients are on the opposite sides of the planet.

Skype sessions are as effective as sessions in person so please contact me when you are ready to change your life!

Even in different regions in the world, laws of attraction have been known by people in this world.  Laws of attraction is actually laws of the universe so it should be really universal in the way.


Laws of attraction are being positive and attract your dreams or wishes, right?

What is acutally being positive?  Would you stop yourself being negative and shift your attitude to be positive?


See, in this process, when you desperately need to be positive, you are definitely and desperately anxious, right?

Where does the anxiety come from?  Of course, it comes from the feelings of something bad may happen in the future.

When your future is bright and everything is wonderful then you are not having anxiety at all.

That means, you are pretty anxious when you want to be positive.


By the way, it is not best way to be positive with sealing off your anxiety.  You are supposed to let go of anxiety.  Yes, it is release.


I have many clients who have been to many types of therapies, energy sessions and so on.

We have a lot of sessions around us meant to make us positive including subconscious life coaching or something like that.

I don’t know the details of those sessions though I run into some clients who got strange energy sometimes.


I think the strange energy is because of the sessions performed with direct suggestion of hypnosis.

Direct suggestion has effects and it is suggesting a client to feel positive first thing in a morning everyday.

However there are reasons why you can’t be positive or feeling anxious or fear.


By the way, we are going to be in trouble if there was no fear.  We would seriously risk our lives when that is the case and of course anxiety and fear are necessity.

As a matter of fact, there is fear not to risk our lives. Fear makes us careful and protect us from being hurt on our body and mind.


Fear makes us careful.  For example, once you are hit by car, you may be fearful to walk in the street.  When your heart gets broken in relationship, you may not love anyone again.

Anxiety should come first and it would be fear when the situation gets worse.

As mentioned, fear and anxiety are natural and they naturally come up in you everyday.

However it is going to be a problem when you always feel fear or anxiety.


Recurrent fear or anxiety is based on your past experiences.  Like a car accident or break up for example.

Yes, past experiences matter.  We can’t have hope about future based on the past experiences.  We could get fearful or anxious or even depressed when we don’t expect good things in the future.


We don’t normally get easily anxious, fearful or depressed.  Of course some people have different types of brain that is hard to control feelings.

For example, schizophrenia or bipolar, those brain functions are different from standard.  I know some kind of incident such as miscarriage could trigger an onset of the serious mental illness like them.

It is always in some levels, feelings are relating to our daily life including our past.


When you want to be positive, it is not the way to seal off your fear or anxiety.

You want to release the fear or anxiety.  It may not be easy because your brain firmly remembers negative experiences in the past to protect you.

Of course, we sholdn’t repeat a car accident or hard break up.  So our brain needs to remember the negative past to protect us better.


Being positive is not about sealing off of your negativity.  It is releasing your negativity and truly becoming positive.

In hypnotherapy, it is possible because hypnotherapy is performed in subconscious and I believe in releasing negativity is the best to be positive.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!


Have a wonderful day!