Soul ascension in scientific approach


I have clients who tried many kinds of therapies and healing sessions in the past.  Hypnotherapy is often times a last resort of therapy and healing industry as my clients explain often times.

A lot of my clients who went through a lot before coming to me and I got to know how bizarre therapy is available in this world.

Unbelievable, unprofessional and wild surgical execution was done such as drilling in a skull and tried to get depression out of it.  Or letting out of toxin from the body and so on.


Some of them tried therapy intentionally performed under the influcence of some kind of dellusional narcotics.  Something like exocism, past life therapy, or skeptical psychic readings and so on.

Some of them cost so much money and they are supposed to remove bad energy around the clients.

As a service user, I tried psychotherapy, energy sessions and others so I know a lot of services are available in this world.

Simply all of the services are for us to be happy.  Improvement of depression, weight loss and etc. and all are for us to obtain happiness and satisfaction.


I discovered my own psychic ability that I could read energy of my clients, and see thoughts and visuals in my clients’ subconscious.

It is hard for me to find a lot of meaning to see psychic just for reading.  Reading is not working on emotional issues.

I believe in psychic powers though psychics can’t change our lives or improve depression, I believe.


Psychics can tell you what is happening in our lives or which choice is better but I believe that decision making should be made by ourselves.

Of course we always listen to what we exactly want to hear.  In other words, the answers are already in us and we want to move forward with the answers we already got so we go for advice.

I know a lot of people want to depend on someone else and want to be told what to do when they are anxious.

However when you want to seriously change your life, getting advice is not good enough.

Furthermore, letting people work on you to change your life in energy work or like removing bad energy doesn’t seem like a great idea for me.


I offer energy work in my sessions though I teach my clients how to regulate energy though clients do energy work to themselves after I read their energy flow.

Energy work is effective though it wouldn’t be good enough when you have negativity in you because negativity continuously generates bad energy after all.

That is why I teach my clients energy work and we work on their negativity in hypnotherapy in sessions.

It is like that difficult to keep clean air when we have a lot of factories to pollute the air in the world.


When you want to permanently keep your energy great, you have to remove your negativity in you.

Negativity gives you tension to your body and stress you in your mind and body.  And also lower your energy too.

Whatever that is to improve your energy or remove your negativity, it should be you to do to yourself.  Work should be done in your own brain, I say.  Of course, you can have a professional to work with you in the session.

Most effective therapy I know is hypnotherapy because it is performed in powerful mind of subconscious.


I learned that 40 trillion cells in our body and each one of them is vibrating.  If the cells are not vibrating, they are not alive.  The vibration is a proof of life, I say.

The vibration of each cell accumulates and being released from the body, that is called energy.

That means energy tells what kind of life we have, doesn’t it?


We can easily imagine that vibrations of our micro cells in our body are relating to our own mind and feelings too.  Feelings of anxiety, fear, joy, pain or even diseases, they all should be relating to the vibrations too.

High vibration is considered as best and some people describe higher soul when the high vibration occurs to the person.

Lately we can detect weight of our sprit in quantum level that I heard.  Spirit, soul, or energy, some people say that they are the same.  Furthermore, some people say that soul is energy force without body.


Soul, energy, spirit and vibration, whatever the name we use, it should be unique in each individual for sure.  Then it got vibrations in it, we should be able to feel the vibration each other in some way.

We know that especially animals except for humans have strong sense of deteting energy.

Other animals have it much more active than humans that a pineal gland located in the center of the forehead so called third eye, inside the skull, it locates in-between right and left brains.

Humans have an active pineal gland up to the teenage though it gets deactivated at the time of sexual hormone boost.

That is why human children have much more strong senses to the energy than adults.

Pineal gland is known to see something that our first and second eyes can’t see.  This is energy reading and having strong sense to the energy, right?

That is why I believe that anyone can read energy in some levels and it is not too extra ordinary ability after all.


We always feel like wrong place we step on or we want to get out of there.  That is reading energy.

When I think of it, it is not too strange for me to be able to feel energy from my clients or people around me or even sense feelings from them.


Now we see spirituality and science are merging and everything getting to be explained within science.

Hypnotherapy is based on science without any skepcism.  It can do negativity removal or perception changes much easier because it is performed in subconscious.

I could say now that hypnotherapy can ascend your soul level in the today’s story flow, why not?

Please come whenever you are ready to have soul ascension in your life!

Have a wonderful day!!