To people who push themselves too hard


As I wrote about this sometimes, culture influences who we are.  I get to know it through the sessions in New York City in my office or in Skype sessions with people who aren’t in New York.

Growing environment including regional characteristics or even climate matter on our emotional life and it even matters more what kind of religious background we had in our growth.

In Buddhism based countries, life naturally is considered as training and they are supposed to learn in their lives.

Training shouldn’t be easy and also enjoyable at all.  No one should be smiling or less than serious in any training.

That is why people in Buddhism based countries seem more serious than rest of others in this world.


In my impression, Catholic clients seem to show a lot of guilts in sessions and I can’t help being reminded of a scene of Jesus Christ sacrificed his life praying for forgiveness for people’s guilts.

I haven’t had much chance to know Muslim though I got some impression that it is not so much to do with forgiveness or punishment is emphasized too.

Of course, religion is not an issue but human feelings or interpretation could be a problem rather than religion itself.


Not only religion but also regional characteristics such as developmental level in regions and countries impact our lives too.

Some regions in this world show cruelty and physical punishments are costumed and  standard in the culture.  Those traits truly impact their lives, mind-set and values in many unique ways.

However as I said before, functionality of human mind is universal even though how cruel and merciless environments we were set and human minds are surely harmed in the harsh environments.

Yes, we are all surely hurt in the inhumanity.  Even if we say that we had got used to the harsh environments with violence, we would get hurt and it would be difficult to live healthy emotional life without healing the harmed minds.


We tend to want to believe that we were never hurt in the difficult environments because we were accustomed to it or we subconsciously shut our emotions off from the hurtful feelings.

We normally don’t want to admit that we were hurt just because we were deeply hurt.  It is one of those defense mechanism that we have to do so.

Once the feelings are shut off, it would be more difficult to recognize the feelings again.  It would be overwhelming and dysfunctioning if we reopen up the suppressed negative emotions.

However the negative emotions are there in our brain so it would never be disappeared without external impact or treatment.

It is called trauma, any event that negatively impacts human minds.  Not only trauma, but also everything that brain remembers and stores in it.


Interestingly brain stores everything while we don’t know that we remember them.

That is why it is very tricky.  Trauma stored in our brain could be triggered any time by any stimulants we receive in our daily life.

Then we surely get disturbed though we have no idea why or how in our conscious level.

Especially trauma tend to be triggered or attempted to process in our sleep, there is high chance that happened when we wake up upset.


Reasons why we can’t recall our memories in our conscious are simply we use only around 5% of our brain in our conscious.

Entire memory is gigantic portion and we can’t bring them up in our conscious operated within 5% of our brain.

That means a lot of trauma is buried untouched in our brain.

Brain never stop the attempt to process the trauma because it needs to process and feel safe after all.

Recurrent negative feelings happen in the background of this kind of logics.


I read each one of us got 3 or 400 traumas in us.

Again, trauma is defined as it gave us negative impact on our minds so those numbers shouldn’t be so surprising after all.


A lot of us don’t recognize trauma in our conscious even when it became unbearable.

As I mentioned earlier, it is one of those defense that we don’t want to recognize trauma because it is going to be difficult for us to go on everyday life.

It is easier for us not to recognize trauma because trauma never feel good and it interferes our lives.

We try not to see the problem day by day.


Then what is going to happen?  Your mind and body are working as a team so they would give you a “force quit” when the trauma doesn’t get recognized.

“Force quit” are physical symptoms.  You may have stomachache on the way to school or have a panic attack in a commuter train.


Then you may want to push yourself harder.  Try not to see the problem and try to think you are ok.

And the try would make you even feel worse and physical symptoms become obvious more and more, then you may finally go to therapy.


Physical symptoms are SOS messages to you from yourself.  Please receive them.


Hypnotherapy works because your brain usage would be up to 95% in subconscious/hypnotized state instead of 5% in your concsious.

In subconscious, your brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious.

Yes, hypnotherapy is effective!

Try it today!


Have a wonderful day!!