The meanings of life


Sessions I give to my clients in my New York office or with Skype to people geographically distanced from me, some of younger clients mention that they are looking for meanings of their existence.

Older people may remember having the kind of thoughts in younger age and think that the time would pass quickly and soon enough they would lose time to think of the meanings of their existence.


Personally I didn’t think of meaning of my life in younger age.  However I was feeling wrong frequently because I never felt fulfilled or happy in the age.

In my own 20s when I was single, I thought I would be happy when I get married, when I didn’t have much money, I thought I would be happy when I get money, and when I didn’t have a child, I thought I would be happy whenI have a child.


I noticed that a lot of people believe in the same way such as we would be happy when we get something we don’t have yet.  I was one of them.

However I went through two of my marriage, got some money and also 4 of the children, 2 are from adoption and 2 are on my own, then I realized that I wasn’t happy at all.

I was devastated then.


Then I was thinking about happiness or my life in a serious way, I ran into hypnotherapy and it changed my life entirely.  My outside was changed because of my weight loss, but inside even changed more drastically.

Inside changed so I was unemployed for 8 years before hypnotherapy, ended up with published a book in Japan, appeared on radio shows in New York more than 10 times, and publishing an English book in the US in this year.


When I changed my life and became happy then I came to know the meanings of my life.

This process happens to my clients too.  They come to me when they have depression or problems in relationships or suffer from panic attacks and of course they want to overcome the issues.

One day they realize that they passed their goals to overcome their issues long time ago and had started thinking about the meanings of their lives or their life missions too.

This pattern seems repeating in my clients and also it happened to me too.


Life mission seems very big.  Whatever a life mission is, it should be something good for this world.

Of course, our life mission shouldn’t be something bad for this world.  Then what do we need to make this world better?

What would make this world better?  If we think about the question in a simplest way, is it money? Of course we need food or parents to take care of us, or need some education too.

In the US, it shouldn’t be a case that we have to worry about food, we think.  However in data, I heard 1/4 of children in the US don’t know if the next meal would come or not.  In the sense, food may be a universal issue in this world.


Rather than minimum requirements to survive in this world, what would make this world better?

It should be people’s good heart, mercy or kindness.  In communications and contacts with others or even within family members.

That is, I can say, love.  Living with love, that should make this world better place.

Love shares ideas to give out food, education or money.  Giving out or share what we have with others.  Those are actions of love.


Love is making this world better.  Dry or hurtful atmosphere or even violence, those are against love.

Anything against love is making this world worse.  Then we understand how important we love in this world.

If you say that you don’t need love but you want to be happy, then would you think what makes you happy?


Is it money and fulfilled with materials that you can get with money?  Or getting married to feel secure, or having a child to make you happy?  However those people who got they wanted to get still feel unfulfilled in my views.

Yes, fulfilling.  When would you feel fulfilled?  Isn’t it when you feel full of love?


I say we are filled when we live with love.  Giving love to the others and receiving from others.  Then we are all filled.

Do you have your own definition of love?  I do have a definition and keep it in my mind all the time. 

First of all, love is accepting the person, and second of all, love is forgiving mistakes the person makes, and finally love is to truly care about the person after going through accepting and forgiving.

Three steps for me and they are not easy at all.


You may understand easily when you have your own child.  When you love the child, you are accepting him/her.  Then your child troubles you and makes terrible mistakes with you then you can forgive him/her.  After going through all that, you care about your child truly at the end of day everyday. 

What wonderful thing love is!  Accepting, forgiving and truly cares.

Do you know anything else rather than love to be able to do all those?  I don’t.  The fact makes me believe that love is the greatest of all in this world.  Strongest and most powerful force that we ever have in this world.

Love takes flexibility, enormous amount of generosity and deepest heart ever.  I can’t think of anything else other than love to make us strong like that.  Love is truly wonderful.


First of all, it is not easy to accept someone for who he/she is. 

We in nature of wishing more.  We wish our child should be in certain way.  The child should be or he/she shouldn’t be in certain way. 

In the nature, when you can accept the person for who he is or she is wouldn’t be easy at all. If you could feel that way, it would be a strong force that you have. 


Second comes with forgiveness.  This is not easy either.  We might have got hurt repeatedly when we get close to someone like family members. 

We might have got hurt with careless words and actions.  We might have felt like betrayed sometimes. 

The closer we get to someone, more easily, we tend to feel hurt.  Then we could feel like we would never be recovered.


Then we may try to be distanced from the person to avoid being hurt by him/her again.  We may try to stop being interested in him/her to avoid getting hurt again.  We try everything we could to avoid the pain.

If we consider to trust the person again, it takes a lot of courage as we know.  Overcoming the disappointments and trust someone again.  It’s not too easy.

We must all know what it is like what I am talking about, right?  We may feel the way to our partner, children and so on. 


Forgiveness takes courage, hope, and optimism too.  It’s not easy at all.

We have to release negative feelings and force out of us when we forgive someone. 

What a courage and strong mind that we have with forgiveness!  A mind to recover from pain with hopelessness.

I am writing this now and I feel moved by the mind with forgiveness… What a beautiful mind!


Lastly truly cares about someone after we went through all the process. It’s not easy either again.

No one is perfect.  Thus we get angry, feel betrayed, and get hurt. 

Then again, we can gain a courage back to care about the person and wish the person’s happiness.   

Wishing happiness to the person who hurt us or betrayed us.  What a generous mind that we could have with truly caring in this process.

Wonderful indeed. 

That is why I believe that love is the strongest force ever in this world.  There is nothing else that can make the actions possible at all. 


Love is more powerful than anything else in this world, I believe so because of the reasons.

Let us live with love.  Keep love in our mind everyday.  When we can love, flexibility, generous and optimism would come around to us. 

Love gives us a mind to try again and again, challenging spirit, and fair amount of patience too.    Love has all the goodness in it. 


What a wonderful thing love is!  And love is making this world a better place.

If you want to do something great in this world, like the meanings of your life, then please know love.  Give love to others, feel it and receive it everyday.  The action is making this world a better place.


Have a wonderful day!