You are a diamond


We as a family moved to Singapore in 2011 when we had an issue of US visa for our adopted children who used to be my sister’s.  We moved back to NY in October 2013.

It has been over 5 years now since we moved back.  I fatefully ran into hypnotherapy in Singapore and decided to be a certified hypnotherapist as a former and trained psychotherapist.

I didn’t have a job for 8 years up to the point of living in Singapore.  After I moved back to NY, in February 2016, I was interviewed by New York Biz, a local New York newspaper and the article was featured in April 2014.

From May 2015, I started writing columns for New York Biz and I was writing for 3 long years.  Thank you so much!


I never had determination to be a writer in my conscious though this column writing surely lead me to publish a book in Japan later.

I never thought that I could write a book, at least in my conscious.  However I could write a book as I was writing 100 pages in 2 weeks since I started writing my very first book.


This is called potential as hidden ability we have in each one of us though we never notice in our conscious. We just need a chance to find the potential buried in our subconscious.

Strangely I started having an image of my book cover soon after I started writing the book even though I never had any connection with publishing industry in Japan or even US.

I knew that the book I just started writing my very first time in my life would be published because of the vision that I had.

Miraculously, 3 months later, I got a publishing contract with Bungeisha in Japan.


After I got the contract, I started telling people around me to publish a book and everyone told me that it must be hard for me to publish.

However I had never thought publishing was difficult at all.  I didn’t have a chance to feel difficult at all because I got the contract in 3 months since I ever started writing the book even though I had no connection with publishing industry at all.

Then I realized that it wasn’t difficult at all because I never thought it was difficult at all.  Probably it would be difficult for people who believe that publishing a book is difficult.


The book, Rules for Success-How to live happily (Bungeisha) is written in Japanese and sold in Internet bookstore now.

I was asked many times by my clients if there was an English book that they could read so I decided to translate the book into English and publish it in the US.

Of course I had no connection with publishing industry in the US either so I was thinking to publish it in e-book. Then miraculously, I got a e-mail and ended up with being offered a publishing an English book deal by the publisher.

I happily accepted the deal and made a contract with them and now we are editing the book at this moment.  It should be published very soon.  Please check it out when it is published!


From the status of unemployed to be featured on a newspaper, started writing columns, published a Japanese book in Japan, and as a matter of fact, I was on live radio shows in New York more than 10 times in the past.

And now I am publishing a book in the US.

I changed my life with hypnotherapy and now I am helping people change their lives too.  I am offering hypnotherapy sessions in New York office and also on Skype!

I am looking forward to helping you !


Today, I am introducing my favorite column of “You are a diamond.” that was featured on New York Biz in October 2015.

You are a diamond

When you love yourself, you are happy.
「Rules for success-How to live happily」 No. 6  
By Mitsu Emig, Certified Hypnotherapist, MSW   


Lately, demand on coaching with using subconsious is increased.  I am so glad to know more and more successful people are looking into being even more successful.  I believe in the sense, self esteem and confidence are the keys.


Do you love yourself?  I noticed in my experience that self esteem is not highly visible in the culture of Japan or even East Asia.  Humbleness is significantly considered as virtue in Buddhism based countries like Japan.  In the background, it is hard for us to believe that we are always right or highly evaluate ourselves.  However self confidence is directly relating to believing in self.

And of course when you love yourself, you are happy for sure.  When you love someone, you are forgiving to the person.  When you love someone, you would accept flaws in the person too.  Self esteem is to accept flaws of ourselves and also forgive our own mistakes.


For example, diamonds.  Do you know anyone who doesn’t like diamonds?  If someone doesn’t, you want to ask them why?  Because you have no idea why.

Then what would happen if you are a diamond?  You would expect everyone would love you.  What kind of feelings that you would be loved for sure where ever you go?  Anything is possible, anything you can accomplish, you would feel that way.

When you make a speech in front of audience, you would expect that everyone is a fan of you.  You wouldn’t need to feel nervous or worry.  Even when you make a mistake, you would expect that everyone would accept you.  And also you can accept yourself with the mistake you made.

Because you are a diamond.  This must be fun everyday life for you to make it happen, right?


〈Writer〉Mitsu Emig Certified Hypnotherapist of International Mental and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  MSW of University of Michigan.  Certificate holder of Management of Harvard University.

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