Being optimistic

Being optimistic

Lately I was given opportunities to talk about or write about so many topics about happiness.  Being on the radio, writing in my Blog and website, and interviews by newspapers.  I am so appreciative and also gave some deeper thoughts in those topics.

It is always about self-image.  What is so important for success or confidence?  I should say that self-image anyway.  How you think about yourself actually decides on values of yourself. 

Well, you never have to persuade anyone about this.  How you think of yourself wouldn’t give you any room to change your mind depending on someone else’s opinions or need to hear or care about other’s opinions at all.  Only one person who you should persuade is actually you. 

Accepting, forgiving and finally truly caring about yourself, that is self esteem and loving yourself.  It will boost your self-image for sure.

Then what is going to happen when you love yourself?  Would you think about yourself like a narcissist?  Not really, I believe.  Actually you will have less time to think about yourself then in my opinion. 

Human brains were made to focus on some problems rather than something great.  If you have trauma, your brain will never stop thinking about it until you feel safe.  That’s what brains do.  We all have to feel safe anyway.

Thus when your self image is good, you wouldn’t think of yourself so much.  Instead, you will have more time to think about other things, like your family members, your work, or other people.  Then you may have more chance to come up with very good ideas because you have some room in your mind.

There are ups and downs in life, isn’t it true?  Bad things and good things come around and go around.  Probably we can’t change the way so much.  That is actually why it is so important for us to be optimistic.

According to Law of Attraction or even in psychology, being optimistic is going to bring you good outcomes.  Also stress will give you unbelievable bad effects on you too. 

When you have good self image, you will automatically think that good things will happen to  you.  The deeper you believe, the more actually you can believe it.

Well, we don’t know what is going to happen to us in life.  Then don’t you think it is a smart and best choice for all of us to be optimistic? 

Have a wonderful day!!