Teenage depression and hypnotherapy (Part 2) on Japion 3/10/2017 edition

This article was featured on 3/10/2017 edition of Japion and translated by Mitsu Emig.

Teenage depression and hypnotherapy (Part 2)

Uneasy childhood and overcoming those issues

Q.  How hypnotherapy works on depression?

A. Depression is often times to relating to low self-esteem.  It doesn’t matter how old clients are, they present same kind of self-esteem issues regardless the ages.  In hypnosis, we try to find why the clients got impression that they are not good enough and it will treat the origin of the problems.

“I am not good enough and people wouldn’t like me. “ “I wasn’t born lucky so it would be waste if I work so hard.”  Those negative self-image often times originated with some subtle events or misunderstanding in your childhood.  We can’t change the past though we can change your misunderstandings or unreasonable perceptions. 

Q.  What actually do you do in hypnotherapy sessions?

A.  It depends on how we treat our clients though I personally use “Age Regression” mainly.  It is actually we regress ages and visit the past and find the cause of your low self-esteem.

Human brains actually store everything happened to us as memory though we in reality don’t remember all of events in our childhood.  Just because we are using only around 5% of our brain in Conscious/ normal state.  However when you are hypnotized, you will gain access to your brain of up to 95%.  You have lots of chance to rememberer small events in your childhood that you normally don’t remember.

For example, a 15 years old client who couldn’t communicate well with others and the mother brought him complained that he felt wrong with others and felt like ground was shaking.  In Age Regression, we reached out the memory that he was teased because of his larger figure and his classmates told him that the ground was shaking when he was walking.  He wasn’t actually large any more in teenage though some how his mind was stuck with the memory and brought him a bad feeling. 

There was a woman who was in her 30s and presented her issue as being depressed, lacking confidence and couldn’t be positive in relationships.  We figured that she felt guilty whenever her parents argued in her childhood.  She felt that parents’ arguments were her fault and blamed herself because she wasn’t good enough for the parents.  She decided that she wasn’t likable and the feelings kept her away from good relationships. 

When we figure out the incident as a cause, we will try to work on it.  This woman in her 30s got a chance to talk to small version of herself in her childhood.  She soon realized that her parents arguments were arguments because of them but not because of her.  She was talking to the child, herself not to feel guilty and deserved to be loved.  She changed her perception from “not loved by her parents” to “she was actually loved and she didn’t realize it”.  It gave her confidence at the end. 

In my opinion, Age Regression is often times pretty effective and giving us a fast result as long going depression diminished in a few sessions.  However when the clients have multiple issues or serious trauma, treatment will take longer or other method to solve. 

Q.  Do you disclose information of therapy to the parents?

A.  The answer is no.  I have strict confidentiality issue that I keep with only my clients.  It doesn’t change when my clients are under age and parents don’t stay in session with us.  I can’t talk about any of facts or comments disclosed by the clients in session to anyone but clients without signed information release contract by the clients.  Parents always understand standard of US in this confidentiality issues so there have never been a problem before. 

Often times, children’s issue are directly relating to the parents so confidentiality agreement helps my clients to be honest with me and it will bring us a best outcome anyway. 

Q.  Advice for hypnotherapy receivers

A.  Please be opened if you are looking for a best result.  Sometimes truth is not so pretty but truth will lead us to the best outcome that I believe. 

Have a wonderful day!!