My radio appearance on 3/7/2017

Good morning!

This time counts 7th time of my radio appearance!!  In first 3 times, there was something like a meeting what was going to be asked on the show though not any more.

Right now, I wonder every time what she would ask me and I come up with some ideas and talk about things on the show.  It’s fun too.

Time after time, this hostess, Ms. Muriel Donnelly got into hypnosis and she got prepared with some questions that probably people would want to ask me.  People I say thinking about hypnosis as an option for their emotional well-being.

In this time, she asked me questions on behalf of those who are thinking like potential hypnosis receiver; how they feel like in hypnosis, is it safe or so on.  I am so happy to talk about them because I believe in hypnosis is a best option when you turn your life around in what age…


At this time, I was feeling like more laid back instead of I am going to tell the world before this time.  I was actually feeling like, ask me if you want to ask me something.  So maybe it feels like different.

Please listen up if you are interested.

Mitsu’s radio on 3/7

I would be happy with any opinions and questions!!


Have a wonderful day!!!