Go with the flow

Go with the flow

Lately I see a lot of different ideas in social medias. There might be some trends or anti something or so on.

For example, it is ok to feel miserable, we don’t have to be positive at all, or anti something like President Trump. I am actually relieved with less posts of antis.

I learned from my own life experiences and also from my hypnosis practice that life would be more difficult when we have some ideas of controlling, strong desires things to be in the way we like, or things should be certain ways.

I didn’t make myself like this idea though I step by step probably had to learn how to live easier and happier. I feel like I can go with the flow lately and feel comfortable with it.

For example, something bad happened. It is a big deal and it is too hard to accept it. In the occasions, people panic or get so angry.

However your reactions will never change the fact that the bad thing happened to you. Your cry or screaming wouldn’t change actually anything in the sense.

Then I felt that I should stop crying for it and decided to accept the fact that it happened to me. Of course then the time I spend on crying and thinking about it had been significantly reduced. Now not only the time on those but also the energy used on those had been reduced too. The big change happened to me because stress is reduced too when I stopped using energy and time on spilt milk. Stress is reduced in both on my mind and body in this case.

It wasn’t easy at all. Because it would be actually more stress if I pretend to be ok with the bad happening. We use more energy when we cover some feelings inside of us like anger. Covering will give us stress anyway.

Thus we truly have to say bye-bye to the negative feelings that we have. Waiving to them and tell them never come back for good like forever.
The key here is to stop the domino effects of negative feelings inside of us.

If you have negative experiences and feelings inside of you, your expectation would put simulation of negative will happen to you. In other words, you try to soften the pain that you had before because you expect the pain will come to you again.

Of course you want to put worst case of scenario here because of the fear you have. You are totally expecting the bad will happen again and it is going to be more likely that happens to you.

I was talking to my children though it is natural for us to have negative feelings coming to us. However holding and keeping he negative feelings in us doesn’t give us any benefits at all. The behavior will never make us feel better at all.

Thus we want to release it as soon as the negative feelings came to us. Then we will start seeing good things around us. We should have less thoughts that we are going to have bad things or getting hurt again.

To reduce the negatives, hypnosis is very quick and effective.

Have a wonderful day!!