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Y.T. (Female)      ★★★★★

December 2016

When we think of hypnosis, you might come up with the word of a fake.  While ago I watched TV program that hypnotized comedians became a dog under the hypnosis order and ran around in the show.

I felt pretty silly and changed channels then and that was me back in then.  Now you may wonder why I wanted to go to see Mitsu for hypnotherapy anyway.

I had piled up burdens in years and they became like fossils in me and I desperately looked for true of myself and struggled to take myself back.  I was seeing my psychiatrist for years then.

Under the same psychiatrist, I one by one identified as if I was peeling onion skins to reveal myself and my own issues.  After 6 years of therapy then and I finally started seeing a whole of my issues.

I was hastened and started feeling fear then in the kind of darkness, then I happened to see Mitsu’s articles.

I say it would be the last resort, or expectation of failure anyway though I decided to try it out.

Mitsu answered to my doubtful questions with sincereness and patience until the day we actually met her.  I was asking her if there was effects of hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy really existed to treat people.

How could I ask the kind of questions to a person who never met but I did and Mitsu answered to all of questions tenaciously.

She never said anything like it would be great or count on me or it would absolutely work but she just informed realistically and logically of the mechanisms of hypnotherapy.

I say this kind of calm and sincere attitude won my trust for her. I went to her office almost one month ever since I first contact with her.

Mitsu looked like younger and sexier (lol) than I thought and I was drawn to her powerful energy in a second that I met her and I had to let go of my tension and defense anyway at the first sight.


First session was totally unexpected.  I never watched swinging objects or candles in the darkness but I just laid there listened to her, that’s it.

I had some issues mounted on me, life work issue, what I really wanted to do in my life, job, relationship with my fiancé, my own characters that I didn’t like and so on.  However then I just talked about loss of my cat then.

Let me tell you now that is important for you how to perceive this first time experience and also afterwards, how you notice hypnotherapy effects would be coming to you.  That would decide if you can trust her and hypnosis effects and that would lead you to one way to the other in this journey.

I felt like missed the point of first session and left her office anyway.  “ Was I really hypnotized?” “ I paid and just talked about my cat and why?” “How are we going to solve mounted my problems?”  I couldn’t get out of a circle of the thoughts then.

Mitsu seemed handling my concerns just like she was doing it everyday with other clients and told me that the session went very well.  She continued that some people wouldn’t come back any more, and you may feel like changes in your everyday life in a week or month or even from the next day and then you would think it was hypnosis worked. She told me with a smile and let me go then.

I expected that she would tell me effects would come actually after a few sessions or something like that as a sales pitch though my expectation was goodly turned and I saw her true confidence in her instead.


Was there really effects?

For me, it’s been a year ever since I met Mitsu and I now have totally different life rather than a year ago.

I left a job that I was at for 15 years prior to the day and got a new job.  I participate into classes and got lots of friends.  And most importantly I am into the art that made my childhood dream come true.  I always wanted to be focused on the art.

I remember that I was stressed and over-ate in the past.  And now I noticed that the obsession of eating got reduced.  My weight apparently went down lots and I gained my health back.

Most significantly, I now clearly see my issues around my childhood and the core that I had to work on too in my developments.  I see some flashbacks in a train what it was like in my childhood even though I thought it was forgotten already.


We all have issues, sometimes lots of them.

To just overcome them, we have medicals, trends, businesses and so on in this world. Healing is a big deal for all of us.  Looks like it.  Some people got into something to make them forget the issues, some do meditate to eliminate the issues, in psychotherapy, we try to separate us from the core and learn how to move on.

Mitsu’s hypnotherapy is ultimately clarifying the core and face it and make you realize that you are the only one person who can identify your own problems and solve them.


Hypnotherapy is not a magic.

I have issues to solve and have some struggles everyday.  Sometimes, feeling down, being stuck in there, having desire to give up, but rarely go on over-eating now.


I realized that we all do this sinking and floating repeatedly in our lives.

In Japanese we say there are ups and downs like mountains and valleys and in English, we describe our lives as a long voyage in the ocean.

Floating like a small boat as yourself in the big ocean.  You may about to sink sometimes, and feeling stuck without moving in calm and dead sea instead and ask yourself if this boat is even moving to the destination.  I was told that once upon a time, sailors got to know the direction with the star of Big Dipper in the sky.

The Big Dipper is the brightest in the sky and we will never loose the direction when we find the star even when we wander around.  We will still find the way to the destination.

Mitsu’s hypnotherapy may give some opportunity for us to get a compass in order to find the Big Dipper that we each individually have it in our minds on our own.


November 2016       ★★★★★

My son went to Mitsu for his depression after the lengthy treatment history of psychotherapy.  I have to say that it was a fact, Mitsu’s hypnotherapy was the most effective ever amongst all the therapies that we tried for our son.

Because Mitsu’s hypnotherapy improved our son’s condition very much, my wife and I went to Mitsu for treatments too to improve our domestic relationships in the house. In my opinion, we tend to be more opened in hypnotherapy than in psychotherapy regarding very private matters due to the nature of hypnotherapy that you ought to be most honest.  The openness easily leads us to the point for us to discover what a real problem of yours is.

If you think of hypnotherapy skeptical or mysterious, Mitsu would give you totally different impression when you see her.  She is open and positive so easy to talk to her at all.


W.L                ★★★★★


I suffered serious insomnia and anxiety issues for the past 2 years. I finally decided to try out therapy. Upon doing some research, I reached out to Mitsu. Mitsu only has 1 yelp review. But somehow I felt that it is going to be her.

I have been seeing her since January. Mitsu has helped me with many issues: past hurts, repetitive haunting dreams, and anxieties.

I am always amazed by the things that came up during my sessions with Mitsu. I often wonder whether they are real.

If you had hypnotherapy before, you will probably understand what I am talking about.

At the end of the day, what is important is that the therapy works. Some of the people and things that have constantly bothered me for the past 2 years are now far and distant. I am much happier now and my anxieties are getting better.

Mitsu is also a psychotherapist. Mitsu is very compassionate and understanding. She has provided me with great and well rounded suggestions to tackle various issues in my life. Furthermore, her skills as a both psychotherapist and hypnotherapist gives her deep insights about human psyche and how to help her clients.

If you have suffered from chronic insomnia, anxiety, or any other setbacks in life. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help because life on the other side is much much brighter. I would recommend you to give Mitsu a try if you are thinking about hypnotherapy.


Lisa A. 12/15/2014   ★★★★★

2015/6/3 2015/6/9 Review

I went to Mitsu 2 years ago first time and went back to her time to time whenever I felt a need to work on my issues. My childhood was tough and I always wanted to be more confident in everyday life. We worked on self-esteem issue first time with Mitsu and I felt better. Mitsu told me there might be more issues at the time but I didn’t pursuit the further treatment at the time. In this year, it felt very difficult. I couldn’t go on like that and I went back to Mitsu. In result, I am going out everyday and enjoying my life now. I am thankful to Mitsu and I am sure I will go back to her when things became too much to me again. It’s great to know that there is a help when you are in the darkness. I couldn’t think someone actually fix the problem as Mitsu did.

Veronica R. Bronx, 12/26/2014   ★★★★★

2015/6/3 2015/6/9 Review

I stumbled upon Mitsu’s Hypnosis Session on Groupon and decided to use it because I was feeling extremely depressed. After that first session, I did start to feel a lot better but I returned for couple more sessions because there were some issues in my life that needed to be resolved. Thanks to Mitsu, I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel more confident, optimistic, and more connected to the people in my life. She is truly amazing and I recommend her to everyone.





Latest client was a young woman who was clinically depressed. She presented some suicide ideations in the session. When she was ready for Age Regression in the 2nd session, I performed it on her. She presented loads of anger too in the session so I performed “Negative Emotion Release Therapy” to her. If you hold negative feelings and emotions for a long time like her, that would weigh you down like her.

This woman had a bitterly hard childhood with psychological abuse so issues were everywhere. I treated all the issues that she presented in the session and time was up. A few days later, she told me that she was feeling much better and doing homework that I gave her to remind of her best achievement in her life with attached feelings. I instructed her to do it with a cue so she can remind herself every hour the moment of her greatest achievement so this will help her stay in positive too without my presence.

After that, I made suggestions to her regarding success, emotion control, and light self-hypnosis in added sessions. Those are very important for you to stay in a right course after long standing habits of wrongdoing. I recommend this kind of follow ups because then we have more chance the right attitude and mind set would go in life time. At least her depression was gone in a few sessions and this is why I love hypnosis effectiveness.


Chronic Fatigue


Another client was with fatigue. He was a student but he didn’t have any energy to do anything in a day. In a first session, he was ready so I gave him “Age Regression” and we found the root cause of why he got tired. As a baby, he had asthma and couldn’t breathe so well. As he described what he felt and made him traumatized, we succeeded of “undoing” this trauma!

He was happy as a new version of his and I realized how bright energy his eyes have in there first time. He looked like a different person then. I’m glad that I could help him. We focused on him to stay on the right course of his attitude and emotions in the later sessions. These help my clients to have effectiveness in lifetime.