Profile & Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy brings significant relief to 9 out of 10 clients of mine right from the first session.  Hypnosis is not a trick or forcing.  It is effective based on science, that’s why it would give you significant relief from the first session.

Hypnotherapy works directly on your subconscious mind so it works quicker.  Hypnosis works because in hypnotized state/subconscious would make all of us use up to 95% of our brain instead of 5% that we normally use in our conscious/normal state.

Would you want to be a person who you ever wished to be quick like in a month?  Would you want to get out of fatigue or fog that you’ve been in long time?  Would you want to find what is the purpose of your life?

If you have long going issues bearing them everyday or try to resolve them in traditional therapy without remarkable progress, my hypnotherapy must be a solution.

The certified hypnotherapist: Mitsu EMIG

  • Certified Hypnotherapist of  IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)

  • Certificate of Management, Radcliffe College (Harvard University)

  • MSW (Master of Social Work), University of Michigan

  • Kundalini Reiki Level 3 Master

  • Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor

Hello from Mitsu

Hypnotherapy changed my life. Before hypnosis, I never knew true myself. Hypnosis eliminated unwanted from me and finally I took myself back. I am a mother of 4 children and 2 children are adopted as teenagers after their mother/my sister passed. I found my own happiness in uneasy stages of life and now fully ready to help others with this amazing therapy!

I am a trained clinical social worker and a psychotherapist who had shifted my career to hypnotherapist. Ever since I ran into hypnotherapy, I have been amazed with the effects and powers that this therapy has. I have found hypnotherapy to be an excellent tool for tackling any issue, whether longstanding or recent; these include stress from life-changing events, trauma, confidence, and so on. Furthermore, you want to be more successful quicker? Then hypnosis can help you. Hypnotherapy wouldn’t choose its clients either you are already successful or not.

How I practice

I grew up in Japan and have worked in Tokyo, New York, and Singapore. I apply a sensitive and balanced approach to my clients and my practice is based on therapeutic techniques learned during my Masters’ Degree studies at University of Michigan.

Having practiced in multi-cultural New York City, I say, helping people is my passion. Against the misconception of controlling people, hypnotherapy truly needs your willingness so let me help you.

Why hypnosis is the most effective in all of therapies ?

We live in the world of “Conscious” in our daily life and we only use around 5% of our brain.  Instead, when we stay in the “Subconscious”, we use up to 95% of our brain. This “subconscious” is the emotional state that you get in under hypnosis. Your brain operating speed would be 40,000,000 bits/second in hypnosis while 40 bits in our normal state.  Yes, your brain goes 1,000,000 times quicker in hypnosis.

In hypnotherapy, my clients become extremely smart so that is why hypnotherapy works great.

Our brains never forget. All the memories are stored in your brain though withdrawing the information takes more than 5% of usage of your brain. In hypnosis, it’s possible to withdraw your memory much better than “conscious” because of the reasons.

Also your willingness is the key to the treatment despite the misconception that hypnosis is controlling you, you will only be successful when you are willing to solve your issues.

What Is Subconscious Mind ?

A subconscious mind is human has and hidden behind conscious mind/normal state. If conscious mind is a size of the planet earth, subconscious mind is like an entire universe; not only in size but also regarding the nature of its mystery and capability, subconscious has a lot more potential for sure.

How can I have subconscious mind ready in order to have an effective hypnotherapy?

I will lead you to relax and let your subconscious mind come up-front in the treatment sessions. Everyone should be hypnotized easily if he/she has a regular brain intact.  As a matter of fact, we go into subconscious randomly in a day so once you find a way to get completely relaxed, you would go to the state much more easily from the next time on.

Is Hypnosis Safe ?

The hypnotized state makes most of people feel deeply relaxed.  A lot of my clients fall a sleep in the session and feel refreshed as if they had a very good full night sleep.

You are aware of what is going on in the sessions and most of my clients remember what they and I talk in the session.  I know my clients can control what they say or what they do.

It’s just in movies that hypnosis can make people do what they don’t want to do. Hypnosis cannot make you do or say what you don’t want to do or say. Thus, your willingness and cooperation are the keys to the treatment.


I help you to be truly happy!

What is happiness? Can the facts of making good money, career success,  nice house and even having a dog make you happy? Are they where your happiness coming from? Jim Carrey said “Everyone should be successful and rich, then you will all know that that is not the answer”. He knows it because all the success and wealth didn’t make him happy, I assume. Most of the times, there is a reason or reasons why you are not happy and that is because of your own perception, the way you look at things and also yourself.

How is your perception decided? It’s decided with your past experience along the way you grew up. Yes, you decide how you are, what you are based on your perception decided on from your past experiences. That’s why hypnotherapy is very effective to work on your happiness.