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Mitsu Hypnosis NY LLC has various services such as, Subconscious Life Coaching; changing you and your life itself into much better version.  If you are looking for major version up/upgrading of you, this is the service that you want to have.  Emotional issue solving and improving your everyday life; resolving your long standing emotional issues.  Please refer as you need!


In the sessions for emotional issue solving and Life Consultant, we would waste no time at all in this busy NYC!!  My goal is being most effective and bring the results to my clients from the very 1st session. And also 9 out of 10 clients give me comments how extra ordinary experience that they had right after the 1st sessions. Here is how sessions go.

I work on the weekends too on appointments!


Personal Life Coaching

Setting up a goal in the first session and dive into a hypnosis session to make your goal come true ASAP.  It’s an exciting moment for you to experience quick response of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is very effective and gives you most immediate effects amongst other therapies.

In Life Coaching, meeting your goals could be more quickly accomplished than any other Life Coaching sessions.

Please ask me estimates.


Performance Consultant


Rapidly earning demand now in Performance Consultant.  Get your own head start!  When you are not good at doing something, not so great at performance at work or school or want to feel comfortable just talking to women/men.

Improving your performance at anything.  No matter what you try to do something well, always psychological factors are involved.

Thus hypnosis could fix the problems and improve your performance.  It’s simple!!

Please ask me estimates.


How the session goes





In the 1st session, we discuss what are the issues of yours and what you want to accomplish in the session. I explain why hypnosis is different from other therapy and most effective of all. (Click here if you want to know how hypnosis works.) It’s very important for my clients to know the logic of how hypnosis works before the session because clients’ willingness and belief are always the key to success.




Then, in hypnosis, we focus on the issue that the client presented and explore and identify what the issue underneath the symptoms/behavior/thoughts is, and why you got the issue. Issues are always attached to an emotion, emotions, and also body sensations. Afterwards, we pinpoint the cause of the issue/emotions/body sensations. Most of the times, they come from childhood experience that was traumatic or not even traumatic at all. Yes, the cause is not always a major trauma at all but it could give you impacts enough on your well being in your everyday life.




Healing starts there and we help and assure a young version of you understand protected and loved. This is normally very dramatic and moving moments in sessions. This treatment is called “Age Regression” and this is the expertise of hypnosis because of amazing memory retrieval that hypnosis can do.You know about yourself more than you had ever known. Much more information comes out in hypnosis and your statements are always different from each other in hypnosis or out of hypnosis, just because your brain capacity is simply the best in hypnosis.




After the healing process, your issues get improved amazingly and see the difference from even the moment. Normally after the session, clients seem relieved and centered. You will know how much burden you were carrying up to the point in your entire life.

We could do all the healing in a session though process varies on each individual. Some clients do it in a session and some takes a few sessions. The more issues you have, we require more time to heal. It depends on time pressure though I put suggestions to change your daily thinking process or behaviors to positive ones. Thus you will reduce negativities in you and gain your positive forces in you simultaneously.




Mitsu Hypnosis NY LLC is offering a session of 90 to 120minutes including non-hypnotized talk.  In hypnosis, your brain works in extreme circumstance and that’s why hypnosis is effective though we believe that session duration shouldn’t be longer than this range.  90 minutes including non-hypnotized talk is minimum and goes up to 120 minutes depends on clients’ willingness and conditions.



2.$990/5 sessions = $198/session.  You can decide to go for this package deal before the 2nd session.


Payment must be made before the session date to secure the appointment.  I  accept Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, check, credit card payments.  3 % will be charged adding to the fees when Paypal and credit card payments.

I will send necessary codes to pay in the contact of appointment making process.

No refund.