Mitsu EMIG

  • Certificate of Management, Radcliffe College (currently Harvard University)
  • MSW (Master of Social Work), University of Michigan
  • MDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)
  • ACHE (American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Hypnotist Examining Council in Singapore
  • Kundalini Reiki Level 3 Master
  • Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor

We always think, hear and talk about making more money, steady jobs, and sending our children to good schools. After all what do we all want? We all make so much effort just to be happy, don’t we? Being happy should only truly matter to our lives though it’s such a difficult task to make.

What is happiness? Can the facts of making good money, career success, beautiful spouses, nice house and even having a dog make you happy? Are they where your happiness coming from? A famous actor said “Everyone should be successful and rich, then you will all know that that is not the answer”. He knows it because all the success and wealth didn’t make him happy, I assume. Most of the times, there is a reason or reasons why you are not happy and that is because of your own perception, the way you look at things and also yourself.

How is your perception fixed? It’s fixed with your past experience along the way you grew up. Yes, you decide how you are, what you are based on your perception decided on from your past experiences. That’s why hypnotherapy is very effective to work on your happiness.

Hypnotherapy changed my life. Before hypnosis, I never realized my potentials, courage and first of all, true myself. Hypnosis removed everything interfered my life and finally I become myself. I am a mother of 4 children and 2 children are adopted as teenagers. I am so grateful and happy with myself so that I can help a lot of people with this amazing therapy!

I am a trained clinical social worker and a psychotherapist who had transitioned into hypnotherapy. Ever since I ran into hypnotherapy, I have been amazed with the effects and powers that this therapy has. I have found hypnotherapy to be an excellent tool for tackling any issue, whether longstanding or recent; these include stress from life-changing events, trauma, confidence, and so on. Furthermore, you want to be more successful quicker? Then hypnosis can help you. Hypnotherapy wouldn’t choose its clients either you are already successful or not.

I grew up in Japan and have worked in Tokyo, New York, and Singapore. I apply a sensitive and balanced approach to my clients, built on a foundation of feminism learned during my Masters’ Degree studies at University of Michigan. While my background is rooted in Buddhism and Shinto, I appreciate religious diversity and have studied energy works of Quantum-Touch® and Reiki although my hypnotherapy practice is based on scientific theory and also psychology.

I obtained a Master of Social Work with clinical psychotherapy focus from the University of Michigan. While there, I provided therapy for numerous socioeconomically disadvantaged clients dealing with depression, compulsive disorders, suicidal ideation, traumas, anger management, weight issue, image issue, sleeping problems and other issues. Prior to that I had obtained a Certificate of Management from Radcliffe College (Presently Harvard University), adding to management skills, I learned when working for a British bank in Tokyo and a Japanese media company in New York.

Helping people has long been a personal motivation for me. I have taught English both professionally and voluntarily in Japan and New York. In New York I volunteered as an English teacher for recent immigrants, and in that role discovered the many traumas and stresses that burdened many immigrants upon arriving in America. It was experiences like this that led me to a psychotherapy career, and ultimately to being established my hypnotherapy practice in Singapore. Having come back to multi-cultural New York City, I say, helping people is my passion. Against the misconception of controlling people, hypnotherapy truly needs your willingness so let me help you today!